Meet the Encounters artists during rehearsal week

During the Rehearsal Week of Encounters, I visited each of the artists that were taking their solo performances on the road.  

We were spread across various rehearsal spaces in Glasgow, where the artists were revisiting and redeveloping work that they had each made during some of our previous projects in 2021 and 2022. Jo had devised their piece as part of the Phone Call to the World commissioning programme, and Iman, Lily and Bethan all created theirs during Trajectories last year. A lot had changed since that time though, both with artists and with the world that their pieces were first developed in. 

In the vlog, we talked about the importance of time and space within their own journeys as emerging artists, considering how they now understand their work and the contexts that it stands better in. Each of them also reflected on their time with Scottish Youth Theatre; how their practice has developed since last working with us and what possibilities have been opened by taking part in our programme. 

Hope you enjoy!